Lather, Rinse, & Repeat

I’m an extreme extrovert with 3 roommates. It’s rare that I have extended moments of solitude. But when I do, it’s usually in the shower. I’ll grab my unicorn robe and blue tooth speaker, tie up my dreads, make sure the water is almost burning my skin, and think.

A potentially unreliable website told me that women spend about $700ish a year on hair products such as styling tools, shampoo, cuts, and everything else in between. Anyway, I’m glad to announce that I am not the average woman.  I really want to know what women they’re talking to that  use $700 a year on their hair. In the last year and a half I have bought zero bottles of conditioner, I am on my third bottle of shampoo, and probably my fifth can of dry conditioner.  I started cutting back because well…I was broke. Really, broke. Like, I spent my last $20 on tequila for Margarita Monday and payday is on Friday type broke. But, then this crazy Craigslist woman moved in with me and it turned into a completion. Maybe not for her, but it was for me. I’d tap on her door in the morning as we were both getting ready for the day and ask “Does my hair look to oily to wear down? I haven’t washed it in 2 days”. I’d give her a 360 view and finish with a pose to which she would shrug her shoulders and reply  “Yeah you’re fine, I haven’t washed mine in 3 days”. Beat, again.

Maybe it’s the borderline meditative state I reach in the shower or maybe it’s the psychological side effects of a traumatic experience my councilor warned me about but, it’s probably the less chemicals to my scalp and Pineal Gland that lead me to this revelation. We’re putting this shampoo in our hair to rid it of all the oil. And shampoo does such a “good” job that we have to follow it up with conditioner. But, why do we strip our hair so much that we have to add  another product to balance it? The simple answer, we don’t. The simple instructions of “Lather, Rinse,  and Repeat” leave a lot of discretion to the user. Maybe with out the “repeat” we wouldn’t have these flawed ideas of how much product our hair really needs.
Not only have a cut down on the number of times I wash my hair, I have also cut down on the amount of shampoo I use.  The roots are the only part of my hair that receives direct contact with shampoo (Mane & Tail) and I have replaced conditioner with Argon Oil. I’ve noticed less need to wash my hair and it actually holds styles much longer. And for those looking to add dreadlocks to their hair, the less product helps them lock and hold. (We can talk dreads another time though.)
So why am I rambling on about my dirty hair? Just last week I was accepted to the Hawaii Institute of Pacific (HIP) Agriculture Internship. What does that mean? I’m going to be living on an educational farm in Hawaii for 6 weeks learning about organic farming, Hawaiian culture, and community.
This program is going to be a complete submerging into a minimalist lifestyle. Some how I feel as if I have been preparing for this for years. Though I am no where near ready. I leave August 31st and come back (if I come back) mid October. I read somewhere that it’s a sign of intelligence to desire to document your life. I Wish I could tell you where I read it,  it was in a philosophy class, I know that much.  This adventure is going to be a life changing one and I want to make sure I don’t forget a thing. I would be honored if you followed my blog as I prepare my mind and body.

HIP Agriculture asks that interns bring only biodegradable soap. For the next while I am going to be exploring alternatives for shampoo as my next step for healthier hair and a healthier planet. If you have any suggestions, please comment bellow!



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