Warrior Training Ground


We pull into the farm late Tuesday night and Wenesday evening. Each intern comes here with 1-3 bags, a tent, and a faint idea of what’s going on.  We throw on our headlamps and work our way down a narrow root and dirt formed  path lined with the occasional bamboo railings. With our packs on our backs and our suitcases dragging behind we work our way down to our temporary homes. Behold! A screened in structure called Mango Kitchen and a Macedonian nut orchard littered with 8X8 platforms covered by blue and brown tarps. Our new home, complete with compost toilets and outdoor showers. It wasn’t until the morning that we would see the true beauty of the place and people

When I rolled over and opened my eyes in the morning I was met with the color green and my ears with silence. Peacefulness. I walked into the kitchen and was met with a table full of fruit and a few other interns sitting on the back porch talking and drinking tea. Community. As I look into the eyes of each of the other eleven interns, I feel as if I’ve met them before. Maybe it’s because we’re all meant to be here, our arrival is not by chance or luck. Maybe it’s the common desire to grow. To grow food and to grow ourselves. Or, maybe it’s the magic of the Aina. Regardless of the reason, no one here is a stranger. There are twelve interns on th farm, ten goddess women and two men. 

HIP Agriculture is an educational farm located in North Kohala on old warrior training grounds. The Hawaii islands used to be divided until King Kamhamama united them all under one rule.  This side of the island is where his Cheif, Cheif Na’ole trained the warriors. This land has a deep history of training and uniting which we are proudly carrying on today.

We spent the late morning hours deepening our common bond by sharing our fears of what could go wrong and  our anticipations of what could go right. This journey is only just begun. This group of warriors will rise to protect the land that provides for us and we will make a change. 


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