An Open Letter to Harmony Park.

Aloha! Two years ago, I was on the road to Shangri-La for my first time. Two years ago, I found my heart by loosing my mind. I promised myself that every year at this time I would walk I through those gates and say “Welcome Home”, no matter what. Today, I can’t do nothing, there is nothing I can do to make it back to the Midwest psychedelic front porch hoedown. 

Right now, I am sitting under a tree in the shade on the Big Island of Hawaii. A couple months ago Uncle Jo shared a link to an internship with HIP Agriculture to learn about the junk in my food and what I can do about the vultures of culture. I applied and didn’t hold my breath. It was a pleasant surprise to get accepted. I’ve surrendered to the soil on a farm with 11 other warrior people to be the change we want to see in the world. 
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t bitter about not going home this year. I wanna be back in Harmony well, I wanna be back with my family. But, I have to put it down and come out with my hands up. Because when it’s all said and it’s all done, if it wasn’t for Harmony Park I wouldn’t be here in Hawaii or who I am today. Even though I am home free this year, I wanted to give some advice to the earthlings preparing for the festival express. I don’t mean to drop my shoulds on you but…

Returning Bliss Junkie, give your mama a little kiss before you go and bring someone new. It’s a long way home if you’re walking alone and they may not know anyone else yet. And for the new Bliss Junkies, you might be feeling anxious. If you get lost the road you walk is a circle. Seriously, just keep walking and you’ll find your tent. Also, keep it light when you’re packing. Everything that you’ll really need is already there.   

It’s very important to go talk to strangers and see this beautiful world. It’s the people that make the park so special. It’s a beautiful world and it’s waiting for you. Everybody there may not have it all together, but together you can have it all. Don’t be ashamed to plead insanity because sanity is no real sign of health. Everyone there is a little crazy.

 It’s okay to let yourself go but don’t just pound another one in the name of having fun. Spend some time sober. Attend a morning yoga class. The body talks and meditation helps. And make sure to have a moment of sweet silence at the wishing tree, she will help you and your friends sing in perfect harmony. 

Lend your ears, check out an artist you may have never heard before. And, if you’re singing the poor mans blues, have a meal at the Om Kitchen or the Prayer Station. They will feed your stomach and a different hunger.

In the end, you’re all just visiting. Take a minute to repay all the lovin that Harmony Park gave and clean up after yourself. But most importantly, BE FEARLESS AND PLAY! 



  1. Beautifully said! I was where you are now, back in April, due to a post from Uncle Jo as well. Learned so much from those 6 weeks and I am forever changed for the better because if it! Enjoy every moment, soak it all in!!! And tell Dash and his family hi for me!

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