Happy Thanksgiving?

I wasn’t in a very thankful mood this morning. I woke up about six AM to a misquote buzzing in my ear. I already had gotten up in the middle of the night to rub lavender on my itching ankles and now I can’t stop rubbing my face. I hadn’t showered or poop for three days and it was time. To get to the bathroom I’ve gotta trek about an acre and a half through tall grass and three inch mud. It’s rainy season here in Maui. Dreary until ten AM sharp. I’m cramping, I’m itching, I’m muddy…and the propane is out for a hot shower. The wind is pretty fierce at 1,573 feet elevation and the shower tarp is whipping against my wet, cold, still muddy, body. At least I’m not constipated any more. I gave a half hearted attempt to scrub the garden soil out of my hair and off my knees. I grabbed my towel and clothes to go get dressed in the kitchen, at least there are four walls. The one eyed chicken must have had the same idea. He flaps his wings and flys to the rafters. I then tried to scare him out with a pan. He responded with a runny chicken shit. Tears rolled down my face. I just want a shower with warm water. Thanksgiving mornings usually happen in Minnesota at the rustic, no longer operating, family farm. Not on a functioning mountainside farm across the ocean. It’s too early in the day to feel this unsettled though. I needed to find my center. “It all comes with the territory when you’re living off grid. It could be worse,” I told myself. For many it is worse. For months the indigenous people and allies, now commonly being referred to as water protectors, have been crying out for water in their battle with the Dakota Access Pipeline. And Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water. Last week, the water protectors were blasted with hoses in 32 degree weather. I can see the mastermind behind the hoses in my minds eye. “These people want water? We will give them water…and hypothermia.” There’s a civil war going on right now, between the people and a corporation. And the government isn’t on the people’s side. How can I be thankful today? The history of the holiday has been lost over the years. The youth have been taught a warped story of friendship between the Natives and Pilgrims. This is far from the truth. Most Americans stop at interpreting the name for the meaning of the holiday. A day of thanks-giving. Still unsure of what the true history is, we focus on what we have here in Great America. Thankfulness for family, friends, love, shelter, food, and water… 

Now this is where I could easily be a mob mentality, ungrateful millennial. I could inform the reader of their hypocrisy for eating turkey today with their family when the Water Protectors are out there being attacked by cops. And I would completely miss the fact that today I too am gathering with my new farmily (farm +family, get it?) for Thanksgiving. It’s raw and organic meal were calling ThanksLiving but none the less, we’re observing the holiday. Even the goats get a special treat. Previous years were always filled with joy. I’d wake up to little cousins watching the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and green bean casserole being made. The agenda for the day would include card games, family, turkey, boxed wine, and maybe a little snow. I have many things to be thankful for. But, I have just two special requests I want to leave with you on this Thanksgiving day. First, be thankful for your most basic amenities every day. Not just today. Second, while you are gathered with your family take a moment of silence and prayer for what is happening at Standing Rock. Discuss why you care and ways you can help. Send a prayer up for those fighting for their most basic rights. Hold space for the people who are loosing their space. Happy Thanksliving. #NoDAPL


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