People of Kohala ‘Aina Festival 2016

All senses were overwhelmed with pleasantries at the 7th Annual Kohala ‘Aina Festival. The local grown food graced peoples tastebuds. Their ears were greeted with songs of love and resiliency. The fire spinners dazzled onlookers eyes and bare feet danced on soft grass. And the feeling of community settled into everyone’s hearts. It enabled us to discuss deeper topics and share our stories. Three members of the community shared their stories to offer a glimpse into the people of Kohala ‘Aina.

Drake, Farmer and Attendee

What do you love? “Life and microorganisms.”

How many years have you attended KAF? “7 years.”

Why did you come? “Dash.” (Co-founder of event)

What does this ‘Aina teach you? “Halawa Valley is connected to the entire ‘Aina and when you stamp your feet here, the entire island feels the vibrations. So it’s a transformation. If you really put your heart and soul and the right vibes out, the entire island will resonate.” 

Favorite Food? “My friends that I see here.”

Jessie Jurek, Artist and Vendor 

What do you love? “I feel like what I really love is to transform someone’s spirit. Either through giving them a taro reading or putting a piece of clothing on them and watching them wake into something new. Someone more confident or believes in themselves, or more beautiful…I want to heal people.”

How many years have you attended? “Second year.”

What draws you to KAF? “This is where tribe is. There are like minded people who believe in the same values and similar morals in regards to protecting the earth. Specially right now with how crazy stuff is with Standing Rock, it’s really important that we get together and remind each other that we are all fighting for this cause of cleaning up the planet.”

What does this ‘Aina teach you? “Ultimate surrender and respect for things that are bigger than me. This ‘Aina is way more powerful than I am.”

What is your favorite food? “Tom Kha which is coconut Tai soup with chicken and lemon grass in it”

If you missed Jessie’s booth at the festival and would like to check out her clothing follow this link to her Etsy page!

Sarah, HiP Agricuture Intern and Voulenteer. 

What do you love? “Fresh food!”

How many years have you attended? “Firsts year, hopefully not my last”

What drew you to KAF? “I just got sucked in by the people and the hippy fest it is.”

Photo Credit: Riley Yusem

What does this Aina teach you? “Even in the light of what’s going on in our world, there’s still so much space to cultivate awesome food and meet people who give a shit about the land and soil health.”

What’s your favorite food? “Dude…Coco yams. COCO YAMS.” 


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