Ticket For One, Please.

There is an unnecessary, negative stigma around going out alone. But, what happens when no one else is down to buy a ticket and split gas? Going to a festival or concert alone doesn’t mean you don’t have any friends or that there’s something wrong with you. Flying solo means you know what you want and no one, not even yourself, can stand in your way. Here’s a couple reasons why you should follow your heart and go ahead and plan your solo mission. 

Going to a festival alone means you’ll never miss an artist you were looking forward to. Unless, the worst of the worst happens and they’re scheduled the same time as another favorite. We’ve all been there…torn between sticking with your squad and missing an anticipated set or catching said set and losing everyone for the rest of the day. Not having to account for anyone else makes catching every artist on your list almost possible. 

Not only does attending alone cut out seeing artists you’re not interested in, it makes maneuvering around much easier. Weaseling your way to the front of the crowd or bolting to the next stage becomes a breeze when you’re not pulling a chain of people behind you. No more stopping for the bathrooms when you don’t have to go or taking a turn to hold the totem. This weekend is about you. 

   First Solo Music Festival, Lollapalooza 2015

Opportunities to make new friends multiply by the thousands when your taking on the festival scene alone. Everyone else is there for the same reason as you: the music. You’re bound to find someone who got lost in the same beat as you. Maybe you’ll meet someone who mustered up the courage to attend alone as well, searching for a kindred spirit. While festivals can help deepen existing friendships they can also foster new ones. 

The number one fear of those considering to attend a festival alone is safety. A couple extra safety precautions could do the trick to ease your mind. Make sure someone knows you’re there. Maybe, check in with them once a day to let them know you’re okay. Labeling them as ICE in your contacts is another option. Keep your valuables, ID, and cash on you at all times (something you should be doing anyway) and don’t take drugs from strangers. 

Go ahead and purchase that ticket, maybe even indulge in a VIP pass. Don’t be afraid to ask someone to take your picture and embrace this opportunity to do you. Going alone might push you out of your comfort zone. But, outside your comfort zone is where memories are made. In the name of music; take the chance, catch that set, and make a friend.


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