Interview with DJ Que$o

What happens when a little bit of L.A and a dash of Minnesota is combined with a sprinkle of dirty trap a heavy dose of dedication? Up and coming Twin Cities based DJ and Producer Que$o appears. The artist, previously known as GoHard, is making a name for himself in the local music scene with his passion for bringing people together on the dance floor.

Recently, his single No Brain X Rio Act, the first track on the EP, was released by Plenum Records. The song reached number 19 on Soundcloud’s New and Hot Trap Chart. Following the milestone DJ Que$o released his four track EP on June 5th, Dripping in Chedda. Looking forward, his track Payload with Crichy Richardson has been announced to drop June 19th under Electrostep Network Records.

The EP is nothing short of phenomenal. Each track is unique while still displaying his distinct style. The man behind the music, Gio Escobar, took some time to share a glimpse into life as Que$o and life outside of the music.

A while back, you switched your name from GoHard to Que$o, what inspired the name change?

I changed my name because Gohard was something or someone I was trying to be. I wanted to be the guy people wanted to party with. Que$o is more of a chill and smooth person, not the crazy GoHard dude I was trying to be. Que$o is also Spanish, I come from a Latino background so it fits and people love Queso! It can be used as a reference to money as well. It ties alot of worlds together and it seems to pop more.

What turned you on to making music? 

When I was about seven I loved the idea of expressing myself through music. My first inspiration was Michael Jackson, believe or not. I loved the dance moves and the way he moved the crowd. It was so incredible and I wanted to be that guy. Growing up in L.A brought me to another side of music as well. Artists like Tupac, DmX, Ice Cube, Snoop Dog, Xzibet and Easy E got my attention. These guys showed me that you can grow up poor, work hard, get all the glitz, and be a roll model. Long story short, music showed me how to make something of myself out of nothing. It has a way of making me feel and performing to people is so electrifying, it’s like magic. I love seeing crowds reaction wether they cry, laugh or love.

When did you start in the EDM scene? And when did you feel like you found your niche?

 What brought me to EDM might seem cliché  but, it was the Black Eye Peas. Their album, END, had a lot of electro and housey vibes. I was rapping in high school but then I got interested in making beats that had Electro sounds to it. I tried to mix rapping and Electro but, I was not successful. Shortly after, I discovered Dubstep and Skrillex. I saw Skrillex at First Avenue in Minneapolis and fell in love. The first trappy act I saw was an artist name Mimosa and then Bro Safari and Brillz. I realized it was the sound I had been looking for. So, I got myself a DJ controller and began mixing tracks. It wasn’t until two or three years later I began producing my own tracks again, this time Trap.

What artists inspire you? 

I look up to Riot Ten, he has been a friend for a really long time. A few years back at The Loft we played a show together with maybe 40 people there. He has grown so much since then and has played all over the US, Canada and Australia. He always told me to dedicate myself and cool stuff would happen, he’s proof.

What are your passions out side of making music? 

My passion outside of making music is family, I have two sons. I work hard to give them a better life because I grew up poor. I dedicate myself to showing them that when they work hard everything is possible. I also like movies, friends and I try to stay healthy. But, family is most important.

You have a grasp on how to balance family and work as well, what’s the secret? 

The secret to balancing both worlds is to put a limit to everything I do. I have a steady voice in the back of my head telling me “Don’t overdue this or don’t over do that.”. It definitely helps me stay grounded and focus. I constantly remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing. I love music, I love performing, and I love my family. In return, my family supports me because at the end of the day I want to do what I love for a living.

Which track on your EP would you consider to be a standout or your favorite?

I really like No Brain, it’s grimy and Rico went hard. The second track is called Amore with my friend Kal El. Actually, he brought the track to me and what he had going was special. So, we put both of our creativity into it and the track is freaking massive!! Look out for Amore Que$o X Kal El.
Enjoy the fresh EP, Dripping in Chedda while you headbang like you ain’t got no brain. If the EP isn’t enough to fill your fix, Que$o is a common name at Minneapolis venues such as The Loft and Skyway Theater. This summer he can be found playing at the Silent Disco at Summer Set Music Festival taking place August 11th through the 13th in Sommerset, Wisconsin.







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